Building Construction Inspection Services Roof Completion Report

Building Under Construction Inspection Services available for Perth!

With the building project approaching the halfway stage it is important to ensure the roof structure has been correctly built; Has restraint (roof tie-down) strapping been correctly positioned, fixed and tensioned? Has all required roof framing been properly installed and secured? Are roof penetrations (vent flumes) correctly installed? These and many other items relating to the roof completion are viewed during our “Roof Completion (Roof Watertight)” inspection.

“When we build, let us think that we build for ever.” – John Ruskin

The roof frame structure not only supports the roof covering material it also suspends the ceiling materials and any poorly constructed ceiling joist framing can lead to future problems with possible excess cracking in the ceiling material joints and along the cornice lines. Housecalls inspectors look for, and will highlight any areas for concern to minimalize future issues.

Our inspections cover:


– Cleanliness

Overall construction

– Visual condition

Roof Timbers

– Roof battens – secured for tiled roof
– Roof battens – secured for metal roof
– Paired rafters
– Collar ties
– Under purlins
– Struts
– Valley timbers
– Hip rafter timbers
– Jack rafter timbers
– Support beam timbers – bearings and support
– Ceiling joist timbers
– Wall plate to wall head

Slab Condition

– visual condition

Roof Ironmongery

– Wall head perimeter restraint strapping and tensioning
– Tie-down rods securing and positioning
– Under purlin to strut ties
– Under purlin to rafter ties
– Rafter to Ridge ties
– Support beam steel – bearings and support
– Base timber plate to steel beams bolted
– Ceiling joist to hanging beam ties
– Roof Plumbing
– Gutters
– Fascia


– Current condition
(Any signs of damage during construction?)