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Building Construction Inspection Services – Brickwork at Wall Head


Building Under Construction Inspection Services available for Perth!


Brickwork at Wall Head – It is at this stage the build project has reached another important part of its construction. The walls are at a height where the roof framing can be added, but before this happens the walls are best checked for suitability, are they built to correct heights? are the wall heads level? are the walls straight and plumb? are room dimensions correct? These are a few of the items that need to be looked at, once the roof has been constructed it is often difficult to rectify any issues.

“If a building looks better under construction than it does when finished, then it’s a failure.” – Doug Coupland

Don’t let your future home be a failure, let our Housecalls team of experienced inspectors assist you with answers to these highly important questions, remove the possibility of later finding issues with wall construction and positions by having a building inspection carried out when this stage is reached.

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Our inspections cover:


– CleanlinessOverall construction 
– visual condition

Slab finish

External Brickwork
– Bed & Perp joints within AS specifications
– Walls straight and perpendicular, within AS specifications
– Brick facing clean of mortar splashing – Wall head levels

Internal Brickwork
– Bed & Perp joints within AS specifications
– Walls straight and perpendicular, within AS specifications
– Wall head levels Restraint Strapping
– Roof restraint strapping built-in. Spacing to AS standards
– Tie-down rods – installed positioning

Room Dimensions
– Internal room sizes – within 50mm size tolerance
– Bedrooms
– Hallways
– Living Room
– Activity/Theatre Room
– Kitchen/Meals/Family
– Bathrooms
– Laundry
– WC
– Garage

Door Frames
– Installed – External
– Installed – Internal
– Visual check for jambs plumb (“in-wind”)
– Positions – as plansWindows
– Bare frames installed
– Protective film intact
– Positions – as plans

Through slab services (drainage)
– Bathrooms
– Laundry
– WC


About The Company
Housecalls is independently owned and operated by a licensed builder. We are based in Perth where all our inspectors have 40 plus years’ practical experience in the residential construction industry, coupled with our local knowledge we are able to specialise, and pride ourselves, in giving our clients the best in property reporting services for the Perth Metro area.
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