Complete Package Building Construction Inspection Services


At Housecalls we know having your new home built is an exciting time, at the outset enthusiasm abounds, there are great expectations, the plans are approved, the preliminaries are under way and now the real building work is about to start. Then a few weeks into the project time checking on the build progress kicks in; you have questions for the site supervisor, he may be difficult to contact, or you are directed through an office team member, either way you feel your concerns are not being actioned effectively.

The Housecalls “Build Under Construction – Our Complete Package” is your answer. At Housecalls we understand from years of experience the stresses that can build as your new home develops. That’s why our team are here for you. We provide the complete package; all our “build-under-construction” stage inspections are carried out along with “Site Drop-ins” between the stages to check on the projects progress, all these are included in our package price.

It makes sense to have the complete project independently inspected –our inspectors each have over 40 years’ experience in the building industry – By monitoring the projects progress we have time to speak with the supervisor and trades people working on site during the inspection, and this is where we can discuss any construction details that may be of concern now.

We have found from experience that by highlighting any issues noted as the project progresses can be actioned at this stage, and reduces the chance of any major issues being identified when final completion approaches.

“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” Sir Henry Royce.

Our Build-Under-Construction inspections are carried out at; slab down, wall head, roof complete, lock-up and practical completion