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Housecalls Property Inspections Offers Construction Inspections in Perth

Housecalls Property Inspectors knows that having your new home built is an exciting time where enthusiasm and high expectation abounds until you start to worry and wonder if everything is being done correctly. For this reason, we offer construction inspection in Perth. Our experienced team of inspectors, each with 40 years of experience in the building industry, will periodically inspect your site while construction continues. They will catch any issues before they become major problems that require a lot of time and money to fix.

What Sets Housecalls Property Inspectors Apart Regarding Perth Home Building inspections

Our building construction inspections in Perth offer the best way you can be sure that your new home is being built right. Our experienced team of inspectors will come to the site and prepare a report at all the major steps in the process including when the slab is down, the walls headed, the roof complete, lock-up and practical completion. Here are a few of the other ways this sets us apart:

  • In addition to the milestone inspection, our team will perform unscheduled drop-ins to catch some of the problems that can arise during construction. Finding these issues early can be vital in preventing costly repairs later. There is nothing worse than discovering a problem with your dream home six months down the line when it could have been corrected during construction.
  • It is not a legal requirement for building inspectors in Western Australia to be registered builders, but we are. That experience gives our inspectors an edge. They understand how houses are built, and they know how to spot the shortcuts less scrupulous builders might take.
  • When your house is completed and the Builder’s maintenance liability period is approaching, our team can compile a list of all the items that need attention and ensure that the builder listens and takes notice of them

The importance of a Home Building Inspection in Perth

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that is true when it comes to a home building or new house inspection in Perth. Most major issues that people have with their home, even years after construction, can be traced back to when they were put together. Catching them at that stage can be the difference between an inexpensive and quick repair now or a cripplingly expensive tear down in 10 years. A few of the stages of construction we perform our home building inspections, and their importance includes:

  • Everything starts with the foundation at the slab-down stage. Our inspectors will check its level, conditions, positions, size and more. For rooms requiring drainage, such as bathrooms and laundries we will check that as well.
  • The roof is added at the halfway stage of construction, and it is vital to ensure that it has been correctly built. We check if the restraints have been positioned correctly, fixed and tensioned and if it has been framed properly. We also look at how watertight it is along with many more aspects.
  • Near the end of the process, what we call practical completion, our team will search for any existing defects or unfinished work that prevents the home from being used for its intended purposes.

What You Stand To Gain if You Use Housecalls Property Inspectors

With our inspections, we offer peace of mind, removing the worries you have about your home’s construction. When it is all said and done, and you have moved into your dream home, you will know it was built right. Other things you stand to gain include:

  • Our reports and drop-in visits to the site will ensure that your builder is doing their best, getting the job done on time and right the first time.
  • We will detail the actions needed at each stage to make sure that they can be fixed now and not later.
  • The best value for these inspections is for them to start from the beginning, which is why we offer our complete package.

About Housecalls Property Inspectors

New home building inspections in Perth can be an overlooked service, but it has been our goal to change that. With a proper inspection performed by our team, who bring their decades of experience to each visit to your building site, you will know there are no hidden issues that will cause you a lot of pain later. If you are interested in one of our services, including a practical completion inspection in Perth, contact us today to book an inspection and remember we will perform it within 48 hours of getting your request and you will have the report in hand within 24 hours after the review.

About The Company
Housecalls is independently owned and operated by a licensed builder. We are based in Perth where all our inspectors have 40 plus years’ practical experience in the residential construction industry, coupled with our local knowledge we are able to specialise, and pride ourselves, in giving our clients the best in property reporting services for the Perth Metro area.
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