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Builder Liability Maintenance and Dilapidation Reports


Dilapidation Reports


What is a dilapidation report?

It is a detailed account of the existing condition of a Building/Property at a specific point in time. This type of inspection will look for-and include-the property condition at the time of inspection and would include items such as; wall structure-defects, roof condition – internal and external condition, paving and perimeter walls/fencing-state of repair.

These and other items are inspected and a report compiled to record the properties condition. This type of report is most useful prior to commencement of any demolition or site-works to adjoining or nearby construction or development works, such us housing developments (large or small, including sub-division of properties), civil works to open spaces (footpaths, roadways, parking areas), commercial properties or other areas where your property could be affected by the works.house-question

During construction your property can sustain minor or major cracking and defects caused by vibrations (soil compaction), soil dewatering, reduction/raising of ground levels and construction errors. Common areas affected are (cracking in) walls – external & internal, ceilings and cornicing, floors and movement occurring (cracking/leaning) in boundary walls/fencing.

The Housecalls team will make sure to identify any existing damage of a structure, the report is an item-by-item account identifying the building elements and their condition and we record it by use of written and photographic evidence in order to provide you with the best dilapidation survey package available.

The report then provides an invaluable benchmark of the properties condition should damage appear during, or within the final maintenance period of the construction project, it can then be used should any disputes arise and can help resolve potential complaints easily – remember any Post Construction Dilapidation reports should be done within the final maintenance period of the construction project.

These reports can be useful for both the home owner and project builder as an assurance policy to ensure that construction works hasn’t caused damage, defects or cracks to the property. booknow

Booking an inspection could not be easier, our single page online booking form allows you to provide us with all the information needed to arrange the inspection, process the report and send to you. Why not get yours booked now!

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