Housecalls Property Inspection Process

From the moment you decide to have a Housecalls Property Inspection carried out on your future home our team are with you all the way.

Established Properties: First decide which inspection is best suited to your needs, for the purchase of an existing property our Pre-purchase structural inspection meets most requirements, other types of inspections available include Dilapidation and Building (Maintenance) Liability Period reports. We can also carry out a variety building issue type inspections – to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you please contact us.

New Builds: For those who are having properties newly built we off a range of inspections which would occur during the build process, the five main inspections are; slab down, wall head, roof complete, lock-up and practical completion, a complete package of all five is also available. Details of each inspection types can be found in our services link.

Booking an inspection and paying for your report

Booking an inspection could not be easier, our single page online booking form allows you to provide us with all the information needed to arrange the inspection, process the report and send to you.

Step 1. Fill out our online booking form and submit. Once you submit the booking form we will send you an email confirming the booking request, this email will give you the inspection details you submitted, check them over and inform us immediately of any errors or omissions.

Step 2. We will arrange the inspection for the earliest time available (normally within 48hrs, subject to property access availability). Once we have a confirmed access time for the inspection we will email you the day we have booked for the inspection.

Step 3. We will carry out the inspection on the arranged day and complete your report. Once the report is complete we notify you be email and SMS text (texted on the mobile number provided by you at time of booking), the text message will inform you the report is ready for payment and collection and will give the email address we have sent the notification too.

Step 4. The notification email sent will let you know your report is available and how to make payment to release the report. Payment couldn’t be easier, pay either by credit card (instructions on how are included in the email) or you can use your PayPal account if you have one (a PayPal account is not a requirement to pay for our reports).

Step 5. Once payment has been accepted you will receive a download link enabling you to download and access the report. We will also send the nominated Estate Agent or Builder a copy of the report on receipt of your payment.

Please contact us with any questions or issues with our reporting services, remember we are here to help you.