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Housecalls inspections are available within the Perth Metro area and our costs are very competitive, we don’t discount our costs and we don’t discount on the service we provide. We believe in giving our clients the best information available from our inspections in an easy to read and understand format, our reports are deemed to satisfy AS4349-1 2007 “Inspection of Buildings” where the inspector’s report complies with the requirements of Standards Australia, a national independent body established in 1922. A committee of that body contains a consensus of the views of representatives within the building industry, and reflects scientific and industry experience.

Building Inspection Reports are an often overlooked service when purchasing or building a property. When you consider that houses are $400,000 upwards and the potential future liability for repair could be in the tens of thousands of dollars, it makes sense to get your home or investment thoroughly inspected. Our inspections often cost less than 0.1% of the purchase price, a small but very significant outlay to ensure that the property you’re about to purchase is structurally sound, compliant with applicable regulations and for you to be informed of the property’s current condition.

The Housecalls team are here for you. By having one of our dedicated team members carry out a building inspection (structural pre-purchase) we can produce for you an informative property report, from this you will be able to form a better understanding of the property’s condition along with any defects or maintenance work that need attention.

For new build homes we can produce reports during the build process, a report at the practical completion (PCI/Handover) stage or provide a maintenance liability report (usually 4-6 months after PCI/Handover) for you to pass on to the builder.