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A building inspector must be allowed directly into a building when a new home or structure is built and before it can be used in order to examine it and concur that the construction is safe for use. Inspector services may specialise in numerous areas and some may offer additional security related construction check up services.

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The principal objective of our company is to provide you as our customer with a price effective report that features accurate knowledge, and the information for you to feel totally confident with your choice to buy or accept handover of a construction.

We have all heard the term buyer beware – So what does this mean to you?

It means that when you look at buying a property what you see is what is on offer for the asking price.

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There may be structural items and general building works that could be expensive to rectify that you should know about prior to buying a property.

It is important that any offer to purchase is made with your eyes open there should be no major financial surprises in an offer with the agent. Generally agents do not point out any repairs to a property, they will leave the building inspection to you and wait to see if you raise any issues at the time of signing an offer to purchase. Agents do not want to know about repairs and maintenance and whilst they do not point them out to you, they should not with-hold them either.

Most house inspectors are not experienced enough in construction works to know.  Hence the term – BUYER BEWARE

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What you see is what you get!

iStock_000002765711XSmallBe aware that some home inspectors will quote a similar fee for what they call a “Structural” or “Basic” inspection, then try to “up sell” to a Building or a Property inspection at $100.00 per level.

We believe this is not an ethical practice; the extra work involved takes a few minutes more. We prefer to do the job properly from the outset, with no cost over runs.

We inspect and report on visible items in the house at the time of assessment, with limitations on areas that are not accessible.

Housecalls provides an independent service that is owner operated; the person inspecting the property is also the principal of the business and has around 45 years experience as a home inspector.


Example of a Buyer Beware situation: